Peter Doherty Behind Bars for 6 Months

dohertyPeter Doherty’s nine lives of escaping major jail time ran out today . The AP reports that the musician has been jailed for a lengthy six months after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine.

The 32-year-old has twice been jailed before and has repeatedly admitted possession of class A substances. He was arrested in January last year by police investigating the suspected overdose death of heiress Robyn Whitehead.

Doherty’s cancelled Glasgow Barrowland gig on Friday night was postponed until further notice , a spokesman for the Barrowlands venue in Glasgow said.

Doherty showed no emotion at his sentencing at east London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court.

This was Doherty’s 13th appearance in court for similar offences – Judge David Radford called it an “appalling record”.

Peter Wolfe, 42, who had pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of cocaine and one count of supplying cocaine to Miss Whitehead, was sentenced to a total of 12 months in prison.

Mr Radford explained: “The circumstances in which the committal of these offences which I have to deal with today is tragic. Police became aware of the relevant evidence because of the investigation which followed the discovery of the sad death of a young woman who had been present at the address where the offences had been committed.

“The offences involved the social supply of crack cocaine in a crack cocaine pipe, which you handed to that person. I make it clear though, abundantly clear, that the young woman’s death was not caused by that supply of crack cocaine.”

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