U2 Aiming For ‘Futuristic’ New Album

u22U2 frontman Bono is aiming for a ‘futuristic’ new album, according to producer RedOne.

In an interview with Billboard, RedOne, who has worked on hugely successful albums from the likes of Lady GaGa and Usher, revealed the band are still working on ideas for the new record, with a big emphasis on experimentation.

“We’ve put down a few ideas, but we don’t know how many will end up on there,” he said. “They have a very special way of working. A song is never done until the day before it comes out almost, so you never know. They’re always experimenting, so it’s not like, ‘OK, we’re finished’. It’s still an ongoing process.”

“Bono described futuristic. U2 going sci-fi, or something. That’s how he described it, but I don’t know. I’m a guitar player, so it was just me and Bono and Edge playing guitar, exchanging melodies. We were just like musicians jamming. I loved it.”

U2 will finally headline the Glastonbury festival this year after being forced to cancel in 2010 due Bono’s back injury, when they were replaced by Gorillaz.

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