Glasvegas Defend Adele’s BRIT School Background


Glasvegas frontman James Allan has admitted meeting current chart sensation Adele changed his views on performing art students.

Adele, together with various other current UK stars including Jessie J and Kate Nash, attended The BRIT School, an insitution partly funded by the Brit Awards which has been met with criticism from some quarters who claim the close ties to the music industry gives a clear route to record deals and fame for its students.

However, Allan has now come out in defence of the school, saying meeting Adele made him ‘more open-minded’.

“Growing up, something like The BRIT School was the least cool thing you could admit to,” he told the Daily Star. “But you meet some people and it makes you more open-minded and helps you understand where they come from.”

“I can say that I met Adele one night, I didn’t know who she was. We were in this bar and when I spoke to her I thought she’d got this amazing soul, a really soulful person. You know all that karma crap, well I got a great vibe off her, whether she’s been to stage school or not. I’m really glad that she’s doing so well.”

Glasvegas released their new album ‘Euphoric Heartbreak‘ on April 4th, while Adele’s huge selling ‘21‘ looks like being knocked off the top spot this Sunday by Foo Fighters‘ new record ‘Wasting Light‘.

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