Emily Eavis: Glastonbury ‘Lucky’ To Get Coldplay

eamily eavis

Glastonbury co-organiser Emily Eavis has spoken of her delight at securing the booking of Coldplay, describing them as ‘one of the great Glastonbury bands’, and also explained Beyonce was invited with an eye on keeping the festival ‘as diverse as possible.’

Speaking on Glastonburyfestivals.co.uk, Eavis revealed Coldplay have already visited Worthy Farm ‘to start planning their show’, and added: “We were really lucky to get them. It’s been a while since they came and played here, so I think this will be a big one. They’re one of the great Glastonbury bands, that really get what we’re about and that have supported us through some tricky times.”

Eavis also discussed the booking of popstar Beyonce, outlining she and her father Michael’s desire to keep diversity as a priority at the festival, a practise which was seen to become a more significant part of the event with the much-discussed booking of Beyonce’s partner Jay-Z in 2008.

“We are really keen to keep the line-up as diverse as possible,” she remarked. It’s always been that way. We really want the people who are the masters of their fields, and that’s what she is. I went to see her live last year and was blown away by the might of the show. She has such soul, an amazing voice with an incredible, all-female band. She knows how to deliver live, and she packs a big punch – it’s gonna explode!”

This year’s Glastonbury festival is due to take place between June 24th-26th, with U2 expected to be confirmed as the final Pyramid Stage headliner for 2011.

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