Nick Valensi: ‘There’s Still Hostility and Resentment In The Strokes’

nickvalensiStrokes guitarist Nick Valensi has said the prolonged time-off he and his bandmates enjoyed following the release of ‘First Impressions of Earth‘ in 2006 has done little to cool off underlying tensions in the band.

The Strokes are due to return shortly with fourth studio record ‘Angles‘, and Valensi has told MySpace Music of their motivation in getting back into the studio. “It took time,” he said. “Maybe everyone needed money or something. ‘We gotta pay our mortgage so may as well get this going again.'”

Valensi also described a familiar mood being felt when the New York group did eventually reconvene in the studio. “The mood was and continues to be light and fun and playful, with mild undertones of hostility and resentment,” he explained. “Which is just the way of this band. When we hang out and when we work on stuff, it’s great but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t elements of hostility there. Undertones of hostility and resentment.”

‘Angles’, which will now contain just one song from early sessions with producer Joe Chiccarelli after a series of delays, is due for release on March 21st.

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