Live4ever Reader Is Winner Of Tired Pony’s Supergroup Competition

The winner of Tired Pony‘s recent Supergroup competition has been announced, and we’re thrilled to reveal the prize has been awarded to one of Live4ever’s readers.

The special competition was launched by Tired Pony, in conjunction with the Mog Music Network, last month, and invited readers to submit their own favourite supergroup to celebrate the release of Tired Pony’s debut album ‘The Place We Ran From‘.

We had plenty of great submissions to choose from, but it was Spencer who was picked to go up against winners taken from other sites, and we’re delighted that he has now been selected as the overall winner.

Spencer is to receive a brand new signed Fender guitar for his excellent entry, which can be read below. Congratulations!

Vocals – Freddie Mercury

Not only did he have one of the greatest voices in modern music history, the man had such a sense of showmanship that is beyond comparison. He could have a an arena filled with over 100,000 people and have them in the palm of his hand quicker than a heartbeat.

Lead Guitar – David Gilmour

One of the biggest keys in playing music emotionally is not what you play, but why. He’s one of the few guitarists that realizes you don’t need to play a thousand notes to express what you want. He says more with fewer notes than nearly any other guitarist. His tone is one of the most recognized and unique of any guitarist. He could make a plastic toy guitar sound like a Stradivarius.

Rhythm Guitar – Eric Clapton

Clapton over Gilmour? Blasphemy! Why rhythm? Because it puts less pressure on him as an individual rather than the whole group. He often wanted out of the spotlight to play with a collective group. For example, he went from Blind Faith to Delaney and Bonnie & Friends, and went from the Yardbirds to John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. Even still, the fact of the matter is that while Slowhand is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, he also tends to get lazy. Even he admits that. That’s why he needs to be pushed. Playing with Gilmour would absolutely do that. In fact, Clapton seems to only match himself with other bluesmen like Doyle Bramhall II, Robert Cray and Derek Trucks. Matching him up with Gilmour would push his boundaries even more so, and I think the output would be phenomenal.

Drums – Ahmir Thompson

Arguably one of the most respected drummers of the past thirty years, Questo leads one of the best hip hop groups in the world, The Roots. He’s played with everybody from John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Iggy Pop to Madonna and Jay-Z. Even so, the best drummers have some soul. He brings old school Motown, soul and funk to modern music, but also can play rock really well. (Did I mention the afro?)

Bass – Pino Palladino

One of the most called upon bassists since the 80s, there is little this guy can’t do. He took on the nearly impossible task of replacing John Entwistle in The Who, and has been doing phenomenally well with them, all the while updating their sound through his tasteful playing. He also has played with Simon & Garfunkel, Jeff Beck, B.B. King, Richard Ashcroft, D’Angelo, Common and Erykah Badu. (And “rhythm guitarist” Eric Clapton.) He has a certain feel that few others bassists have, but is so needed to be considered a master of his instrument. Bassists need to be the backbone of the band. He is exactly that, and then some. Not only would he mesh well with Questlove due to their shared love of R&B, they could both bring a different edge to the band without overwhelming it all.

Keys – Billy Preston

Like Pino Palladino, Billy Preston was known for his background role with many groups and artists of all genres. However, he also knew how to take the forefront when needed. His skill as an organist, stemming from gospel as a kid, is soulful, funky but also dynamic. He was able to meld well with everybody and anybody, one of the reasons he was one of only two people to receive official billing with The Beatles.

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