The Aliens Releasing New Album in September


Ladies and gentlemen, The Aliens have landed. Armed with a bottomless bag of psychedelically inclined rock and acid dipped electronics, The Aliens bring a freedom of spirit and a certainty of intent that immediately sets them out from the current crop of guitar slingers. Inspired by Sergio Leone and Serge Gainsbourg, Brian Eno and Brian Wilson, Larry David and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, their songs in the key of Fife reference the past whilst belonging resolutely to the future.

The Aliens are creating a special limited-edition 50+page hard cover book, all color, and high rising book which will also house the record.The book will include drawings, poems, film stills, photographs, interviews…all done in the standard Alien manor. This special edition item will be sold through the Birdman website using Topspin’s Direct-to-fan marketing and distribution platform. Topspin technology helped power recent indie releases from David Byrne/Brian Eno, Metric, and re-issues from the Beastie Boys. The book will be available for pre-order in September.

“By rights, their arrival should create a Day The Earth Stood Still moment, aeons ahead of the competition. Breathless, revelatory & teetering on the brink of total collapse.” -Observer Music Monthly
Formed in 2005 these Aliens have history – between them they have been behind some of the most enthralling British music of the last decade. John Maclean and Robin Jones where members of the Beta Band. Gordon Anderson was a founding Beta Band member who went on to record two albums under the Lone Pigeon moniker.

In March 07 they released their first album “Astronomy For Dogs” to a hearty round of applause from the critics scoring 4 & 5 stars across the board. It’s a great-sounding record. It’s epic, it’s pop, it’s dirty, it’s touching. It doesn’t let up, Thrill to the garage rock of shimmy and shake – imagine The Velvet Underground gone Punk – of Only Waiting. Jump around to the Merseybeat charm of Glover. It’s a rich and vibrant carpet ride that crosses almost every musical genre one can imagine. Woven from the threads of Gordon’s genuine heartfelt songs and created on a loom of laser-light fibre-optics. Welcome ladies and gentlemen – to the future.

The Aliens songs start with Anderson. He brings his acoustic-guitar-and-vocals demos to Maclean and Jones, and together the three of them crank up their computers and record collections and work out what breaks, beats, samples, noises and ideas will work best to (techni) colour-in those song sketches.

After their release 2007 was a busy year with UK & US tours & festivals. It ended with a cultural exchange trip to the Congo with Africa Express and Damon Albarn, playing with some of the most celebrated musicians in Africa and the West. The trip left the band creatively refreshed, musically rejuvenated and with a renewed faith in the fact that music is a celebration.

With this new renewed energy they started recording their new album in an isolated, ramshackle studio in a small Scottish village, self produced the band embraced their freedom from the major record label machine enabling them to explore each track with the focus and wilful experimentation upon which they thrive. Luna is the sound of The Aliens fully realising their extra-terrestrial musical vision. From the psych-pop punch of first single ‘Magic Man‘ to the epic beauty of ‘Bobby’s Song’, ‘Theremin’ & ‘Blue Mantle

In September 08 they made a welcome return with the release of Luna on their own label Petrock Records. They managed to deliver an album that manages to outshine their widely acclaimed debut.

‘Luna’ is an ambitious, thrilling and immensely rewarding album, its songs span out in front of you creating rolling, expansive sonic panoramas. It’s a mesmeric, psych tinged, honeycomb folk-pop masterpiece allowed to run free & has been drawing comparisons to Pink Floyds ‘Dark Side of The Moon

The Aliens are always a thrilling proposition live, expect the unexpected…. it’s an unmissable, fist-in-mouth experience that showcases the band’s infectious energy and their frontman’s magnetism.

Believe in Aliens.

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