U2 Cover The Beatles, Coldplay During Glastonbury Headline Gig


U2 covered The Beatles and fellow headliners Coldplay during a career-spanning headline set tonight (June 24th), to close the first day of Glastonbury 2011.

Debate had been raging throughout the day as to what kind of set U2 would perform, with some suggesting the band could shun a crowd pleasing, hit packed night in favour of a more obscure set.

Those fears were unfounded however, as the Irish supergroup treated fans to a true festival performance which included virtually all of their best known hits, one of which, ‘Beautiful Day‘ was introduced via the International Space Station.

In honour of the weather which had blighted large portions of the day, frontman Bono also led U2 in a cover of The Beatles‘ classic 1966 b-side ‘Rain‘, while there was also a short run through of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow‘ before ‘Moment Of Surrender‘.

Coldplay will now follow U2 tomorrow night for their third Glastonbury headline appearance, with Beyonce closing this year’s festival on Sunday.

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