Artist Of The Week: Gurriers

Press photo of Gurriers by Evan Cahill

Gurriers by Evan Cahill

In the wake of more industrial power from their third single ‘Nausea’, Live4ever’s artist of the week spotlight is on Gurriers.


Dan Hoff – Vocals
Mark MacCormack – Guitar
Ben O’Neill – Guitar
Emmet White – Bass
Pierce Callaghan – Drums


Emmet, Dublin.
Ben, Carlow.
Mark, Monaghan.
Dan, Dublin.
Pierce, Castleblayney / Chicago / South Armagh.


As Gurriers, 3 years ago.


We all draw inspiration from such a wide berth of different things, whether that be art, books, music, film, people we know, people we don’t and just life in general. Musically, obviously we take a lot of inspiration from noisy, alternative guitar bands (Gilla Band, Fontaines D.C., SUUNS, Slowdive etc) but we are also really into electronic music, hip hop, pop etc, and our wide scope of influences show in our music. Lyrically, Hoff will often cite Nick Cave and Tom Waits as two of his favourite lyricists.


Dan and Emmet are old school friends, as are Pierce and Mark. Ben was in college with a close friend of the band (Geo from YARD), and at the same time Mark and Dan met working together in McDonald’s. From there, we are all essentially friends of friends, housemates, workmates before we were bandmates.


Dan and Emmet were in a band together called The Dyatonics before Dan was involved in another project called The Innocent Bystander. Mark and Pierce were in a band together as teenagers of which the name will not be disclosed. Emmet and Ben are currently also in a techno / noise group called YARD.


Noisy, punky, zesty.


To be able to continue to develop as a band over a long time, continue to put out music that resonates with people and be able to travel the world and play that music. Not much to ask for, is it?


God, there are a lot. The night we played in Barrowlands, Glasgow with The Mary Wallopers and Celtic won the league the same day. The time we got a flat tire about 100 yards away from the ferry. The time we met Paolo Nutini and he actually knew our songs and who we were. The time Gibey (close friend of the band and van driver) was faux fighting with one of the guys from Fontaines and ended up with a black eye. Actually, any story involving Gibey is generally a good one. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet him, you’ll understand he’s a bit of a mad bastard.


We’ve had a mad busy summer with gigging and recording, so the next few months are quieter. There’ll be more new music before the end of the year. We’ve our biggest ever headline show in The Grand Social, Dublin on October 19th. We’re supporting Slowdive (which is a huge honour) in Belfast and Dublin on November 5th and 6th before we play in Nantes and at Pitchfork Festival in both Paris and London later that week. We’re also at Hink Festival in The Hague in early December. We’ll say our prayers and hope there’s some more TBA.


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