Cucamaras post new single Winner’s Chapel


Cucamaras’ biggest headline show to-date will come in their hometown of Nottingham at Rescue Rooms on November 17th.

Cucamaras have shared Winner’s Chapel as the first taste of their forthcoming new EP.

“This one is a track about taking and regretting advice from didactic characters who are in no position to teach, but you somewhat buy into the ideas that they’re selling,” Olly Bowley explains.

“It’s a disorientated story as far as the song flows – walking and bumping into this person, hearing them out, acting on what they said but ending up worse off from the encounter.”

Cucamaras were a part of Live4ever’s Presents… series back in the summer of 2020 upon the release of their Keep It Cool single.

“In three words I’d describe our current sound as driven, urgent observations,” Bowley told us. “Our lyrics come from what we’ve experienced first hand”

“We’re most comfortable when we’re performing together, so we wanted to capture the immediacy of a live set on Keep it Cool and Window Seat, mistakes and all.”

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