The Blinders share cover of Echo & The Bunnymen’s classic Killing Moon

The Blinders by Niall Lea

The Blinders by Niall Lea

The Blinders released their ‘City We Call Love’ single last month.

The Blinders have posted a cover of Echo & The Bunnymen’s 80’s classic Killing Moon, recorded live at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.

“You attach yourself to particular songs and marry them with moments of your own life,” Thomas Haywood says. “It’s a collective favourite of the band and one of the best songs that’s ever been written.”

“We recorded it live at Parr Street in Liverpool, which was the same studio Echo & the Bunnymen recorded the original song. That made it even more special.”

I hope we didn’t butcher it! We always wanted to get in there and do something. It’s since then been shut down so we’re pleased we got this one in the bag.”

Meanwhile, the band have announced an EP release show at Night & Day in Manchester on January 15th.

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