Mystery Jets announce vinyl reissue of Twenty One

Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets will put it out on March 22nd, 2022.

Mystery Jets have announced a vinyl reissue of their 2008 album Twenty One.

As the group explain, record company politics ultimately got in the way of the vinyl format of their second studio album upon its original release in March 2008, despite the successes of its Young Love (featuring Laura Marling) and Two Doors Down singles.

“As a band we’ve always been most excited about looking forwards and training our sights on exploring new sonic ground,” they’ve said. “But as with all adventures, it’s the stops along the way which make the journey interesting.”

“When we released the album in the spring of 2008, it didn’t immediately set the charts alight. But over the course of that year, something unusual happened. We began to see our audiences grow with each show, and as radio stations and festivals across the world began to latch on, the record caught fire and we embarked on a tour which lasted for the best part of two years.”

“Just as it seemed the risk had paid off, we received the news that our record label (which had since been swallowed up by a major) would not be signing us for another album.”

“It felt completely at odds with the way the songs had begun to resonate with a larger audience, and resulted in only a limited run of 300 copies of the album ever getting cut to vinyl.”

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