Lex Records are streaming Thom Yorke’s cover of MF DOOM’s GAZZILLION EAR

Photo: Paul Bachmann

Photo: Paul Bachmann

Thom Yorke’s work is part of an ongoing remix series celebrating Lex Records’ 20th anniversary.

Lex Records has shared online Thom Yorke‘s remix of the MF Doom track GAZZILLION EAR.

Entitled the Man On Fire Remix, it’s one which has a long history, as the label explains:

“Daniel Dumile (RIP) was one of the most prolific artists on Lex, releasing three studio albums as lead vocalist and one as a beatmaker. We spent a huge amount of time with him in the 2010s. He’ll be missed always.”

“J Dilla and MF DOOM only made a handful of tracks together. The best was ‘GAZZILLION EAR’, built around a massive Giorgio Moroder sample.”

“Yorke remixed the track twice. The first version was originally released simply under Thom Yorke Remix but he delivered it with the moniker ‘Monkey Hustle Remix to differentiate it from the Man On Fire Remix, which gets its debut release 12 years after Thom delivered it.”

“The Man On Fire Remix is searing caustic noise on first listen, but in that dense mass of jarring sirens, there’s a lurching, jerking funk track that becomes clearer on every repeat.”

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