JOHN announce third album Nocturnal Manoeuvres

JOHN by Paul Grace

JOHN by Paul Grace

JOHN have been working once again with producer Wayne Adams.

John Newton and Johnny Healey have confirmed the details of their third JOHN album.

Nocturnal Manoeuvres will be released on October 8th, news accompanied with the lead single Sibensko Powerhouse which features Adam Devonshire of their close touring mates Idles on backing vocals.

“The lyrics came from a now-distant memory of visiting a festival in another country,” Newton says. “I remembered standing alone in baking 40 degree heat on the hillside outside of my apartment – only to hear a familiar song echoing live in the distance from over the hill’s crest.”

“It was a once in lifetime moment that just stuck with me, a reminder of my small scale in the greater scheme of the world.”

“The track was the first thing we wrote following Out Here On The Fringes – through which we had realised our ability to create a much more expansive sound – even with the physical limitations as a duo,” Healey adds.

“Sibensko Powerhouse helped open the next chapter, setting the somewhat cinematic tone for what Nocturnal Manoeuvres was to become.”

Nocturnal Manoeuvres tracklist:

Return to Capital
Šibensko Powerhouse
A Song for Those Who Speed in Built-Up Areas
Austere Isle
Stadium of No
Power Out for the Kingdom
Northwood Turret
Nonessential Hymn

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