Feeder launch new album Torpedo with first single and title-track

Feeder by Steve Gullick

Feeder by Steve Gullick

Feeder are emerging out of lockdown with the follow-up to 2019’s Tallulah.

Details of the new Feeder album Torpedo are out today with its first single.

To be released on March 18th next year, the LP’s title-track is the result of Grant Nicholas searching for a statement return after his band’s enforced lay-off.

“After the frustration of not being able to perform live I really wanted to come back with a bang and a classic heavier but melodic Feeder song,” he says.

“All the emotion and frustration just caused a creative wave. Dynamically and musically Torpedo felt like the obvious choice for us to drop first. The chorus has a thread of positivity that brings light to the darker verses.”

“We are really looking forward to going out on the road again and playing the new album material. This will be the heaviest Feeder set we’ve played in a while so can’t wait. We may revisit some heavier old school Feeder classics also and touch on some Renegades and All Bright electric stuff.”

A UK tour has been arranged too, and will take place during April and May 2022.

Torpedo tracklist:

The Healing
When It All Breaks Down
Hide And Seek
Wall Of Silence
Slow Strings
Born To Love You
Desperate Hour

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