New Music Friday: Kings Of Leon – When You See Yourself

Kings Of Leon When You See Yourself

This New Music Friday has brought the release of Kings Of Leon’s When You See Yourself – have a listen right here on Live4ever via Spotify.

Kings Of Leon recorded eighth studio album with producer Markus Dravs at Nashville’s Blackbird Studios, and introduced it back in January with The Bandit and 100,000 people.

The release marks a first, the album being made available as a tokenised, NFT (non-fungible token) product, bringing with it various perks for those who are able to get their heads around the new concept.

“We approached the release of When You See Yourself in such an analog way, from the band’s approach in the studio to shooting everything on film and went as far as literally pulling out the scotch tape and glue sticks, and dry transfer lettering,” creative director Casey McGrath said.

“For those in the space that understand, they’ll appreciate the techniques of audio-generated imaging, pose detection, and pixel morphing that we used to create this collectible art.”

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