Goat Girl share The Crack from new album On All Fours

Goat Girl by Holly Whitaker

Goat Girl by Holly Whitaker

Goat Girl are releasing their new album early next year.

The next single from Goat Girl‘s forthcoming On All Fours LP has premiered today.

The Crack comes with a video directed by Molly Ann Pendlebury, who speaks of it ‘intimating a world at the mercy of its inhabitants’: “I wanted to create a video which indirectly plays with notions of environmentalism and our relationship to the earth whilst never explicitly being a film about climate change.”

“After discussing the context of the song with the band and its place within their upcoming album, I decided to focus on the relationship between the characters and their connection to the earth. Developing the illustrations of brothers Toby and Aidan Evans-Jesra, the masks and costumes represent the individuality of the characters whilst connecting them to each other and their surroundings.”

“Playing with subtle and restrictive movement, the performers are ‘on all fours’; alluding to the album’s title, and moving collectively as one; portraying a journey through a land lost to time.”

Live4ever’s interview with Goat Girl – looking at their second record and the various challenges which lockdown has brought this year – went up last week. Check it out right here.

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