Cloud Nothings stream The Spirit Of single from new album The Shadow I Remember

Cloud Nothings by Daniel Topete

Cloud Nothings by Daniel Topete

Cloud Nothings are also marking the 10th anniversary of their debut album Turning On.

A new single from Cloud Nothings‘ forthcoming The Shadow I Remember LP is streaming now ahead of the album’s release on February 26th next year.

The Spirit Of follows lead track Am I Something, recorded during sessions at the Electrical Audio studios in Chicago of producer Steve Albini.

“I felt like I was locked in a character,” songwriter Dylan Baldi has said. “I felt like I was playing a role and not myself. I really didn’t like that role. That’s the goal – I want the three-minute song to be an epic. That’s the short version of the long-ass jam.”

The ‘birthday edition’ of Turning On, meanwhile, is set to precede The Shadow I Remember on January 29th 2021.

The Shadow I Remember tracklist:

Nothing Without You
The Spirit Of
Only Light
Open Rain
Sound of Alarm
Am I Something
It’s Love
A Longer Moon
The Room It Was

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