The Slow Readers Club release latest single Two Minutes Hate

Slow Readers Club 1

The Slow Readers Club have released their latest single Two Minutes Hate.

“Lyrically it’s a song about the outpouring of hatred and vitriol on social media and me asking myself if I should engage with it,” Aaron Starkie says. “It is an acknowledgement that there is something in the human condition that craves an outlet to unleash our rage and social media provides that. ‘Two Minutes Hate’ (a reference to the daily ritual in George Orwell’s 1984 where party members gather to scream at images of enemies of the state).”

The track will feature on the band’s upcoming fifth studio album 91 Days In Isolation when it’s released on their own SRC Records label on October 23rd. “This collection of songs was written remotely during the UK Covid 19 lockdown,” Starkie continues.

“With each band member sharing ideas over the internet, the songs were pieced together at home. When the lockdown lifted we took the songs to Edwin Street Recording Studios in Bury and recorded this album with our producer Phil Bulleyment.”

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