Biffy Clyro cover Cardi B / Megan Thee Stallion during BBC Live Lounge appearance

Biffy Clyro at the 2016 Leeds Festival (Photo: Gary Mather for Live4ever)

Biffy Clyro at the 2016 Leeds Festival (Photo: Gary Mather for Live4ever)

As Radio 1 has said on Twitter, here’s something else we didn’t expect in 2020: Biffy Clyro used their recent Live Lounge appearance to put a Biffy spin on the Cardi B / Megan Thee Stallion smash WAP, a cover which can be navigated through below.

With live music in lockdown, this BBC appearance gave Biffy Clyro a rare chance to promote their new album A Celebration Of Endings – a record on which Live4ever’s review observed they sound, ‘very galvanised’:

“This bottled up everything, including their present inability to connect live with a fanbase as rabid as that of any other British group, gives these tunes a whipping, coiled energy that it’s impossible not to feel.”

“Opener North Of No South seems to combine the 20th and 21st century iterations of the trio – outsider angst and stadium rock – into one anthemic and biting swipe at the collective depravity of the planet’s so called leaders. End Of opens with feedback and a punk-as-f bassline, like thrown stones landing on the street during a riot. ‘This is not a love song’, spits Neil, and there are few of those here, because to get love you have to give it and these are men who can’t be with their fans and have spent too long swimming with sharks.”

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