New Music Friday: Paul Weller – On Sunset

On sunset

Paul Weller‘s fifteenth solo album On Sunset has been released today – have a listen on New Music Friday.

Weller has been trailing the record with singles such as Village and More, and it was described by Live4ever in our 8/10 review as, ‘continuing a fascinating journey’:

“The opening track, Mirror Ball, was the catalyst that inspired its development, which is hardly surprising as it’s a mini-album in itself,” it reads. “Covering several different movements across seven minutes, it opens with dreamy effects and choral voices before Weller’s own echoes across a mountain range.”

“The track then evolves into something a bit more glittering (reflective of the title) and we are moved into some abstract noise which has an unsettling feel akin to his experimental In Another Room EP earlier in the year, before a quick sojourn into some muffled sub-bass and then back to where we came in. In days gone by, the track would have been the result of a remix by Prof Kybert or Amorphous Androgynous. Now, Weller is adventurous enough to remix himself.”

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