Sports Team upload Camel Crew video after releasing debut album Deep Down Happy

Sports Team by Lauren Maccabee

Sports Team by Lauren Maccabee

Sports Team have uploaded a video for Camel Crew, filmed at home, after releasing their debut album Deep Down Happy last Friday.

Camel Crew joins a series of previous singles and long-standing live favourites which feature on a record praised by Live4ever as being driven by, ‘an enthusiasm that only youth can provide’:

“It’s in the lyrical realm where Sports Team differentiate themselves: songwriter Rob Knaggs has an observational eye like Messrs Turner and Cocker, yet unlike those two giants his experience is one as a member of the middle class rather than the working. Though the band are surely loath to be viewed through a class prism, kudos to him for not hiding from this fact, as it’s no less valid an experience than relying on Universal Credit.”

“Through singer Rice, Knaggs laments the boredom of chain pub The Slug & Lettuce, for example. The only real moment for pause on the album, the piano-led Long Hot Summer, contains passionate vocals and the timeless lyric: ‘There’s nothing for me in this town’.”

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