New Music Friday: Hayley Williams, Mark Lanegan

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams and Mark Lanegan have both released new solo albums on this latest New Music Friday, check them both out on Live4ever.

Petals For Armor is Hayley Williams‘ first away from Paramore, a debut solo record which has already been extensively previewed through two abridged parts prior to its release today. “Making it was a scary, empowering experience,” she’s said.

“Some of my proudest moments as a lyricist happened while writing ‘Petals For Armor’. And I was able to get my hands a little dirtier than usual when it came to instrumentation. I’m in a band with my favorite musicians so I never really feel the need to step into a role as a player when it comes to Paramore records.”

For Mark Lanegan, Straight Songs Of Sorrow arrives much further down the solo path, and is released in conjunction with the publication of his memoir Sing Backwards And Weep. “All I got was a Pandora’s box full of pain and misery,” he’s said of writing the autobiography.

“I went way in, and remembered shit I’d put away 20 years ago,” he says. “But I started writing these songs the minute I was done, and I realised there was a depth of emotion because they were all linked to memories from this book. It was a relief to suddenly go back to music. Then I realized that was the gift of the book: these songs. I’m really proud of this record.”

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