Flying Lotus details instrumental version of Flamagra album

Flying Lotus by Eric Coleman

Flying Lotus by Eric Coleman

Flying Lotus has detailed an instrumental version of Flamagra a year on from the album’s original release.

Flamagra (Instrumentals) has been pencilled in for May 29th on Warp Records, featuring original mixes from his sixth studio record. “Whereas the original album featured a dream cast of vocal collaborators, this project places the masterful arrangements, electronics and musicianship at the forefront,” he says.

The first of these new versions, Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental), is streaming now:

Flamagra (Instrumentals)’ tracklist:

Post Requisite
Heroes In A Half Shell
More (Instrumental)
Burning Down The House (Instrumental)
Spontaneous (Instrumental)
Pilgrim Side Eye
All Spies
Yellow Belly (Instrumental)
Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental)
Fire Is Coming (Instrumental)
Inside Your Home
Actually Virtual (Instrumental)
Remind U
Say Something
Debbie Is Depressed
Find Your Own Way Home
The Climb (Instrumental)
9 Carrots (Instrumental)
Land Of Honey (Instrumental)
Thank U Malcolm
Hot Oct

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