LIFE showing ‘where they want to be and where they are going’ on new single Switching On

LIFE performing on the fringes of at All Points East 2018 (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

LIFE performing on the fringes of All Points East (Gary Mather for Live4ever)

LIFE are giving us a nod to ‘where they want to be and where they are going’ on their new single Switching On.

“After completing A Picture Of Good Health I felt like I belonged in the world, lyrically painting over the bone-eating demons, I wanted to express why this was, I wanted to scratch it out like people do on woodland trees or moorland rocks,” Mez Green remarks. “It was love; I found love.”

“Switching On is my lyrical attempt of charting that journey; the initial giddy, nervous and pinch-me moments, the wanting to be accepted, the lust and the incredible feeling of finding that person and falling in love.”

“The band wanted to be open to all aspects of musicality so that the lyrics were given an aural heart. We wanted to be brave, bold and exciting as we evolve our sound and rhythms by bringing in elements of synths, pads, machines and pure bass and guitar experimentation.”

As eluded to by Mez, this single follows last year’s A Picture Of Good Health record – a Live4ever album of 2019. It also comes with an appearance at the New Colossus Festival in New York planned for this week, while the band are also intending to still make the trip to Austin despite the cancellation of SXSW 2020.

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