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I’m Forbes, I play guitar, sing a few songs and write tunes.


We’re from Fife in Scotland.


We have an eclectic taste in music: our main influences are guitar-based bands such as The Beatles, The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Stone Roses, The La’s, Oasis to name a few. But we love a whole range of music from Tupac to Abba to Motley Crue and loads more.


We’ve known each other a long time. Lewis and Jordy have been pals since primary school. I’ve known them since I was 16 from the days of drinking cider in the park and in the bowling green. Jake joined the band early this year and was the missing piece to the puzzle. We’ve known him for a good few years from the local music scene etc.


I’ve had a range of shitty jobs from painting to welding to window cleaning. But I now run a studio whilst blagging the dole. Lewis is on the dole. Jordy is a painter and Jake works in a distillery. But obviously this whole band is like our full time job except we’re not making any money from it yet.

We’ve done a few things musically in the past but nothing worth mentioning. When it comes to playing music though right now we are loving what we do, and give us a year’s time no-one will ever need to work a day of their life again because we will be doing what we love.


We call it ‘Dreamy Rock & Roll’.


Looking forward, we plan on putting the graft in and writing lots more songs. We’ve got two singles left on creation23 then, well maybe start thinking about an album.

Did you know?

Lewis McDonald is a Buddhist.

What’s next?

We have our biggest headline gig to date at St Luke’s in Glasgow on 14th March 2020. It’s already half way to a sell out within a few days of going on sale. It’s gonna be a massive night!


Shambolics have released an infectious and melodic rock and roll song. With a confident foothold in the sixties, Chasing A Disaster still insists on maintaining current sonics, ensuring both timelessness and relevance. Drawing on a rich referential palette, the jangly guitar sounds bring to mind the likes of The La’s, The Beatles and The Stone Roses. However, the quartet very much create their own dreamy and mesmeric sounds, and their distinct vocal harmonies add a unique and memorable edge to this track.


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