L.A. Salami previews L.A. Salami’s Walkabout EP with The Body is Mortal

L.A Salami Live @ SXSW 2017 (Photo: Live4ever Media)

L.A Salami Live @ SXSW (Photo: Live4ever Media)

L.A. Salami is previewing his forthcoming EP L.A. Salami’s Walkabout with The Body is Mortal, Love is Ongoing (Forever, A Poem) ahead of its release on September 27th.

The seven-track EP also contains tracks such as Sad Sleepy Angel; “There is a homeless street artist I walk past every now and then in Shoreditch, London,” L.A. Salami’s said of the opener.

“I would see him regularly on my way to one of the jobs. I don’t see him much these days, and that could be for any number of reasons.”

Lead single Tinder, The Life Illusion, Harness/ness/nest, The Wrong Number and Lighthouse complete the tracklist. “Madness can feel like being stranded out at sea in the dark,” he’s added on Lighthouse. “Love is a light that can guide you back to the shores of sanity. But it cannot teach you how to stay out of the water.”

Tour dates:

9 – Bremen, Lagerhaus
10 – Darmstadt, 806QM
11 – Dusseldorf, R-Forum / NRW Forum

17 – New York, Rough Trade
19 – London, Scala

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