Alternate version of David Bowie’s “Heroes” video posted 42 years on from original release

Photo: Paul Bachmann

Photo: Paul Bachmann

An alternate version of the video for David Bowie‘s classic single “Heroes” has been posted 42 years on from its original release.

The video comes with a lengthy explanation of what made the new take possible. “This video is a newly-edited, previously unreleased take, from the Stanley Dorfman / Nicholas Ferguson-directed official “Heroes” promo video outtakes reel,” it begins. “It is synced to the 2017 remastered version of “Heroes”, edited back into the 1977 7” single format.”

“The promo video for David Bowie’s “Heroes” was shot in the UK, on the 27th of September 1977, four days after the release of the “Heroes” single on this day in 1977, the 23rd of September.”

“The shoot was commissioned by RCA, Bowie’s label throughout the Seventies. It is unclear to me who actually directed the shoot. The original clapperboard at the beginning of the reel states that Nick Ferguson was the director. And yet it is usually cited (including on the official online promo video) that Stanley Dorfman was the Director. Dorfman had earlier directed Bowie’s Be My Wife promo video in Paris a few months earlier, on the 28th of June, 1977.”

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