Live4ever Premiere: Hello Cosmos share Frequency Fields video from Run For President EP

Hello Cosmos

Live4ever is delighted to present another first look at a video from Hello Cosmos, this time for the band’s new single Frequency Fields.

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Frequency Fields is taken from the band’s Run For President EP, out now, and is a track which, despite Ben Robinson’s project boasting over 50 collaborators, has a recording story brought much closer to home featuring just Robinson, his brother Simon and brother-in-law Stephen Hewitt. “Steve added the bass line once the rest of the track was down, it brought it to life in a whole new way,” Robinson says. “Ironically given it’s my instrument, it’s actually the best bass line on the upcoming album.”

“I wrote the lyrics while on a tour of the Sistine Chapel listening to Lost Colours, wasn’t too popular with the tour guide with my headphones on all the way round,” he adds.

“There’s also noises we recorded from an app on my phone that simulated classic Nintendo games power ups!”

Among the many more guests on the EP are Girl Sweat, James Smith of Post War Glamour Girls and Cruel World, Emma Mason, Angela Chan and Jack Simpson.

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