Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Blames Declining Sales On Lack Of Talent

By Live4ever - Posted on 14 Sep 2011 at 11:19am

Dave Grohl is a big fan of Adele's '21' (Photo: Live4ever)

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters (Photo: Live4ever)

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has said the current decline in music sales isn’t merely down to piracy and illegal downloading, but a lack of genuine talent as well.

In an interview with USA Today, Grohl pointed to the runaway success of Adele‘s ‘21‘, which he describes as ‘great’, as an example of what a talented artist can achieve despite the current musical climate.

“It’s the music,” said Grohl on the sales slump. “People are blown away that Adele is selling so many records. I’m not. That record is great! She’s got a beautiful voice, and people are shocked when they hear actual talent.”

“Music should be more than ad placement, more than synthesised looping of a voice that’s been Auto-Tuned and an image made to look like a superhero or supermodel.”

Grohl was also extremely enthusiastic about his own band’s prospects, declaring his belief that they are currently better live than ever before.

“We walk on stage with five instruments and no computers,” he said. “It might not sound perfect, but we’ll rip your face off, and we don’t need someone to hit ‘go’ on the computer. The band’s better than we’ve ever been. We don’t have bad shows. We kill it every night.”

Foo Fighters released ‘Wasting Light‘ earlier this year, topping the chart on both sides of the Atlantic.

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  1. anybody

    Dave Grohl…. Ooooh!! He gives me such a wettie!! Foo love never dies!!

  2. Doyle Corrow

    Not sure you acquire this one? Really? So the way you decipher it, because Jobs mentioned a ton of music on his Ipod he couldn’t Also provide, appreciate and enjoy a ton of vinyl? How will you think most of it managed to get onto the Ipod-and on CDs before that- to start with! Why is there this rush to always try to replace mediums rather than allowing them to coexist? Even though we invented the wheel didn’t mean we don’t ever desire to walk again and may cut off our legs. Even though we can fly in a airplane doesn’t mean we don’t want to drive places too. Hello. Neil Young knows that better than most. He embraces progress in technology since it applies to recorded mediums (his Archives, natch) without eschewing the strengths and quality of vinyl. Why always look for a side, choose a team, look for a medium? Maybe I like having and ultizing more than one option. Why folks that fancy themselves so progressive can’t get that is beyond me. It’s really a terribly short sighted attitude and yes it ultimately does considerably more harm than good both business wise and artistically.