Pete Townshend Regrets Joining The Who

pete townsendThe Who guitarist Pete Townshend has said if he could have his time again he would avoid joining a band, as he believes the dynamic has stifled his creativity over the years.

Townshend revealed he would much rather had forged a career in the mould of Brian Eno who, after an unconventional period with Roxy Music in the early seventies, became one of the most respected solo artists and producers in music.

“What would I have done differently?” Townshend said. “I would never have joined a band. Even though I am quite a good gang member and a good trooper on the road, I am bad at creative collaboration.”

“I would have made a much more effective solo performer and producer working the way Brian Eno has worked. I would be less physically damaged today. My ears, right wrist and shoulder would work more efficiently. In all other respects I am in extremely good shape.”

Townshend was speaking to The Who: The Ultimate Music Guide, which has been created by the makers of Uncut.

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