Leonard Cohen Set To Resume Tour After Collapsing Last Week

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

Legendary Canadien singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen is set to resume his tour is Barcelona tonight after collapsing on stage in eastern Spain on Friday. Cohen, 75, was rushed to hopsital following the collapse, where he was reportedly diagnosed with food poisoning.

A YouTube video from Cohen’s performance in Valencia on Friday shows him beginning to fall to his feet halfway through ‘Bird On The Wire‘. After kneeling down several times during the song, Cohen then collapses during the saxophone solo. He is immediately tended to by his band, who quickly down their instruments to rush to Cohen’s side. An ambulance took Cohen to the Nueve de Octubre hospital, before he was discharged the next morning.

Later this week, Cohen is set to play a gig at Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan stadium in Israel. Cohen’s promoter has insisted the gig is set to go ahead as planned: “The performance here will take place, and it will be excellent. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Cohen has played a series of live dates over the course of this year, and played his first US gig in fifteen years when he performed at the Beacon Theatre, NY in February.

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