The Cribs’ New Album Is ‘Dirty and Heavy’

By Live4ever - Posted on 11 Dec 2011 at 7:42am

The Cribs bass player Gary Jarman has revealed the band’s new tracks created during their recording sessions in Chicago are ‘dirtier and heavier’ than their previous offerings.

The Yorkshire three-piece have been in Chicago with producer Dave Fridmann, and have outlined the effect the city will have on the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Ignore The Ignorant‘.

“Recording in Chicago with Steve was a swift, no-messing-about affair,” Ryan Jarman told Rolling Stone. “Very rewarding.”

“In addition to playing my usual bass on this record, I have been playing a lot of baritone guitar too,” added Gary Jarman. “Distorted, it just sounds so dirty and heavy. I think that is a good indicator of how the Chicago sessions shaped up.”

“Going in to work on your birthday isn’t so bad when ‘work’ is at Abbey Road,” Gary continued on the additional sessions in London. “We recorded and self-produced a four-song suite here in three days.”

The new album will be The Cribs’ first since former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr departed earlier this year following a three-year stay with the group.

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