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Live4ever’s Best Of 2020: The Albums…So Far

Posted on 26 May 2020 at 7:39am

Nearly halfway there people. Nearly halfway through the annus horribilis to end all anni horribiles (googled the plural).

At least for music fans, during the utter s**tstorm that is 2020, artists have been ploughing through isolation, financial turmoil and postponed dates to deliver another selection box of unmissable albums to our front doors – here’s ten of the best we’ve featured on Live4ever so far…

Album Review: Kaytranada – Bubba

Posted on 13 Jan 2020 at 8:34am

House is one of those categories on streaming platforms suspiciously full of those made up artists who aren’t really artists: easy to do, it’s much more difficult to do well.

For Louis Keven Celestin however, it’s been much more of a way out that just holing up against the reality of being a jobbing musician. Born in Haiti, his parents moved to Canada when he was a baby, and after their divorce there were never the trust-funded luxuries of the performing arts school class. Starting out under the alias Kaytradamus, the big breakthrough came in 2012 with his sparkling, bass-heavy remix of Janet Jackson’s If, followed by a well-received debut album 99.9% four years later.

Not that the exposure has made Celestin any more willing to play the game: interviews are rare and in the past in them he’s focussed on that humble upbringing, some difficult school days and sharing a love of hip-hop divinity such as a Tribe Called Quest with his younger brother. Respect is earned not given though, and in the here and now Bubba’s star-studded roster of guest collaborators – including Tinashe, Pharrell, Kali Uchis and many more – speak eloquently of a producer whose reputation is assured enough to bring dance music’s glitterati to the yard.

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Kaytranada wins 2016 Polaris Music Prize

Posted on 20 Sep 2016 at 8:00am

Kaytranada came out on top at Canada’s Polaris Music Prize ceremony yesterday.

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