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Fontaines D.C. upgrade venue for November’s Belfast gig

Posted on 21 Oct 2019 at 10:29am

Fontaines D.C. have given more of their Belfast-based fans the chance to see them live on the UK and Ireland tour which is due to begin next month.

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Live4ever’s Best Of 2010s: The Tracks 25-1

Posted on 26 Aug 2019 at 8:17am

It’s the summer Bank Holiday in the UK today, and with mighty fine weather greeting it for once here’s part two of a playlist which might just add to the soundtrack for today’s activities.

50 of the best tracks to have been featured on Live4ever during the past decade have been picked out, this second installment featuring the likes of Idles, Kendrick Lamar, Laura Marling, Little Comets and A Tribe Called Red.

Check out the videos below, and find Part 1 right here.

Fontaines D.C. share video for Sha Sha Sha

Posted on 20 Jun 2019 at 6:33am

Fontaines D.C. are part of a trippy circus on their new video for Sha Sha Sha.

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Photos: Idles, Fontaines D.C. share the love at Brooklyn Steel

Posted on 14 May 2019 at 7:12am

It felt like New York’s entire music scene had descended on Brooklyn for last Friday’s (May 10th) gig at the Steel venue featuring Idles and Fontaines D.C. There were plenty of fans who’d made even longer journeys too; whether it be near, far or wide, no-one left in any doubt that what had been witnessed was two of the best bands to emerge from the UK and Ireland in a long, long time.

Live Review: ‘For all people’ – Idles, Fontaines D.C. at Brooklyn Steel, NYC

Posted on 13 May 2019 at 7:24am

‘The man who writes about himself and his own time is the only man who writes about all people and all time’ goes the George Bernard Shaw quote, one now so ubiquitous you can find it emblazoned on novelty coffee mugs.

This isn’t the start of a debate about the unchanging human condition but one has to wonder, by determinedly writing about themselves these past few years, whether Idles have been doing so about all people and all time. After all, just in our time there’s Boris, border walls and Brexit. And of course there’s Trump, who’s not even good enough to be alliterative.

And, committing the cardinal sin of success has had the likes of Sleaford Mods and Fat White Family pouring scorn on their more celebrated contemporaries; ’A phoney is someone who demands respect for the principals they affect’, Grian Chatten grumbles tonight when opening Fontaines D.C’s set with Chequeless Reckless, immediately offering up their own very pertinent quote to said naysayers.

Fontaines are in New York following the release of Dogrel, a debut album entrenched in the highs, lows and evolution of their native city to a degree few have matched. Dublin, its people, and the band’s formative experiences there dominate the record and thus the evening’s (May 10th) first show. As cliched as it is, once Big ends proceedings with that defiant, banging mission statement, this truly does feel like a band already matured, already with a distinct voice and identity.

Live4ever @ SXSW 2019: Fontaines D.C. in the eye of the Hurricane

Posted on 06 May 2019 at 6:34am

With the continuing rise of nationalism – and its best friend forever the disaster capitalist – lurking never far away, Dublin quintet Fontaines D.C. have found a unique voice amongst the chaos, one birthed in the vandalism of their city’s regeneration, but also by the street poets who’ve scorched its air with febrile words. 

Live4ever caught up with the band – Carlos O’Connell, Conor Curley, Conor Deegan, Tom Coll and singer Grian Chatten – as they sat in the eye of the storm at this year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

It’s a rare moment of downtime. As proof, this year’s SXSW bill saw them play nine shows in just six whirlwind days, a schedule Chatten rotates his shoulders to diffidently and describes as a ‘walk in the park’. It’s a harsh regime, but he says the energy for performance now is coming in waves, enthusing: “I’m feeling a little more connected to our music now and more moved by it. I think I’m coming more and more into the idea of just being totally carried away by the music.”

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Watch Fontaines D.C. make US television debut on The Tonight Show

Posted on 03 May 2019 at 10:36am

Fontaines D.C. started their North American visit with a debut appearance on US television earlier this week.

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Fontaines D.C. confirm first 2020 UK shows, upgrade November tour

Posted on 17 Apr 2019 at 7:30am

Fontaines D.C. are looking ahead to 2020 and already have their first UK gigs of that year confirmed.

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Live Review: ‘This is a band who know they are going places’ – Fontaines D.C. at Bristol Thekla

Posted on 12 Apr 2019 at 8:27am

There’s something special about watching a band live in the week they release their new album.

They’re normally brimming with energy and crackling with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their latest masterpiece is finally finished and about to be unleashed. That can be doubly applied to debut albums, when the finishing touches have been put on songs that have been worked over, pulled apart and reconstructed for years. Throw in the fact that a lifetime ambition has been achieved, and you can see why they are pleased.

So it is with Fontaines D.C. Their album Dogrel has been met with positive reviews, justifying their ‘ones to watch’ status. Promotion has been extensive and with this, the first night of the tour, expectations are high. They are ‘hot’. The crowd knows it; it’s body-to-body in the sold-out venue, one of those nights when you have to hold your drink to your chest because there’s nowhere else for it to go.

Fontaines D.C. unveil new version of Boys In The Better Land

Posted on 10 Apr 2019 at 6:34am

Fontaines D.C. have unveiled the new version of Boys In The Better Land which will be a part of their debut album Dogrel when it is released on Friday.

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