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FEET to air new material during May UK tour

Posted on 21 Feb 2020 at 6:30am

FEET will be performing new material when they embark on a headline tour of the UK in May.

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Live4ever’s Best Of 2019: The Tracks

Posted on 10 Dec 2019 at 6:58am

On our Best Albums list, 2019 brought us future classics from Fontaines D.C., Dave, The Murder Capital, FEET, slowthai and black midi to name just a few. Those and plenty more feature too on our favourite tracks of the year.

Picked out by editor David Smith from the hundreds which have featured on these pages during the past twelve months, Sinead O’Brien, Dry Cleaning, Black Country New Road, Kate Tempest and Working Men’s Club are just some who have added to a year which, whilst nostalgia has continued its grip on the mainstream, has quietly created a vintage all of its own.

FEET post video for Vegetarian Christmas

Posted on 10 Dec 2019 at 6:31am

FEET have been getting in the festive spirit recently, and who can blame them what with having one of the year’s best debut albums under their belts.

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Live4ever’s Best Of 2019: The Albums

Posted on 03 Dec 2019 at 7:16am

FEET announce Clapped Records Christmas Party, Inhaler support tour

Posted on 15 Nov 2019 at 8:33am

FEET and their record label will host a Christmas party at The Gallery in London on December 14th.

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Live Review: FEET at Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Posted on 11 Nov 2019 at 7:56am

There’s a fair amount of stuff to do with FEET which you’d do well not to take at face value.

For instance, their debut album is called What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham, has cover art which should be marked as not safe for vegans and contains songs about break ins and winding up OAPs.

As if to emphasise this playful lack of gravity, as they take to the stage at Leeds’s Hyde Park Book Club lead singer Jeep (AKA George) is mugging in his England football t-shirt and retro mutton chops, giving the impression that he’s just got back from the 1982 World Cup.

Some kind of super-ironic novelty band then? Well, no. Despite its shonky title and worse presentation, their first album is a fabulously loose-limbed rocket through waspish indie, ferocious punk and country-psychedelia, a set of pub-tall stories made by some of the wickedest disco Turks this side of Madchester.

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The Murder Capital, FEET, Black Country New Road among first wave of acts for SXSW 2020

Posted on 24 Oct 2019 at 6:10am

The first wave of acts for South By Southwest 2020 have been announced as the festival begins preparations for its return to Austin next March.

FEET unveil new single Dog Walking, UK in-store gigs

Posted on 01 Oct 2019 at 7:43am

FEET have shared a new single entitled Dog Walking with the release of their ridiculously entertaining debut album What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham coming up on Friday.

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LIFE, Squid, FEET and The Fourth Wave Of New Wave

Posted on 30 Sep 2019 at 8:46am

As punk’s momentum abated it was replaced with an entirely new energy, one used by those who graduated from it into a tidal wave of competing movements, from Mod to new romantic, synth pop to roots reggae, heavy metal to soul and jazz.

Ironically however, what would turn out to be a key pivot was American: New York’s Talking Heads had stripped back the ostentation of disco and funk down to its very barest bones, using tribal rhythms and St. Vitus’ guitars, along with singer David Byrne’s freaky drawl, to create a string of albums – the apex of which was 1980’s incredible Remain In Light – that would remain as perpetually influential as Entertainment! or even (whisper it) Unknown Pleasures.

Forty years later, these are our parents and grandparents’ records but just as familiar, living ornaments in what’s felt like a vacuum for fans of their legacy. Guitar music, as it’s infrequently termed now, has been pronounced dead on dozens of occasions over these last four decades, and at Live4ever we’ve felt at times like those driving the cortege were almost right. But not now. In cellar bars and shoebox rooms, venues across the country are putting on shows by artists who are performing a resurrection without it being a conscious act: they care more about the noise than what makes it.

This defibrillation is a comeback like a ’68 special – and it demands to be heard.

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Album Review: FEET – What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham

Posted on 27 Sep 2019 at 7:06am

FEET. What to say about them? Amiable lunatics? Coventry crooners causing havoc quaffing Carling? Brit pop-punk revivalists writing songs about half naked sunbathers?

Happily, they’re all of those things. Formed at university in the West Midlands city which never seems to have much luck going its way, the quintet have a shot at putting it back on the map – one admittedly that titling their debut album after a song telling a love story from the point of view of a hot dog may or may not assist. It probably helps that it’s brilliant. The album that is, not the hot dog.

Consider for instance what could make a record great. Killer songs? Great melodies? Lyrics about shooting stars, being burgled, mistakenly putting diesel purifier in your kettle? Check, check, check, check and bloody check, mate. What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham doesn’t really care if all these parts join together, but its slightly haphazard nature masks a savvy take on high jinks for the delectation of anyone with ears.

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