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Live4ever’s Best Of 2022: The Albums

Arctic Monkeys The Car

20/ Arctic Monkeys – The Car

Largely (though not entirely) gone are the eerie, seemingly discordant synths and piano, in come the strings. While lesser acts often add strings to try and corner the listener into Feeling Some Emotions, Turner et al are cleverer and classier than that. Rather than

Live4ever’s Best Of 2017: The Albums

Live4ever EOY Album 2017

Live4ever’s 2017 retrospective concludes today with the Albums, with the ‘warmth, joy and emotion’ of The Barr Brothers, Prisoner’s ‘raw earthy, almost live feel’, ‘one of Britain’s most articulate, dexterous bands’, Lotta Sea Lice – ‘an album made of a genuine friendship’, and much more included in this year’s rundown.