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Live4ever’s Best Of 2022: The Albums

Arctic Monkeys The Car

20/ Arctic Monkeys – The Car

Largely (though not entirely) gone are the eerie, seemingly discordant synths and piano, in come the strings. While lesser acts often add strings to try and corner the listener into Feeling Some Emotions, Turner et al are cleverer and classier than that. Rather than

Review: Daniel Avery – Ultra Truth


Daniel Avery Ultra Truth

Daniel Avery delivers the best album of his career.

One of the most brain-bending qualities electronic music has – it’s impossible to offer a catch-all definition of the thing beneath 500 words, so we won’t try – is the constant pattern of evolution.

At one end of the spectrum, any …

The Best Albums Of 2013: Our Writers’ Picks

With another series of essential music videos, gigs, tracks and albums in the bag, now it’s our writers’ turn to pick their own favourite album of 2013 – across six selected LPs there’s a ‘head rush of pulsing punk rock rhythms and unsettling psych-pop melodies’, some ‘mastery of techno’, ‘a …