Jockstrap announce I Love You Jennifer B remix album ‘I<3UQTINVU'

A photo of Jockstrap by Eddie Whelan

Jockstrap by Eddie Whelan

The Jockstrap album was nominated for the 2022 Mercury Prize.

Taylor Skye of Jockstrap has remixed the band’s I Love You Jennifer B album for release on November 3rd.

I<3UQTINVU is being led off with its Red Eye track featuring IAN STARR.

“Some of these remixes are almost three years old and some are only six months old,” Skye has said.

I made most of them really quickly, in a day or so. It keeps me sane to do this whilst mixing the album. I don’t really remember making them. It’s like eating too much and then throwing up and this is what comes out. It’s a weird feeling but also really fun. I felt very happy making some of this music and live it will be quite the show.

Meanwhile, the band will play two shows at the Barbican Hall in London on December 13th and 14th.

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