Imagine Dragons live at Leeds Festival 2023

Photo of Imagine Dragons playing Leeds Festival 2023 (Gary Mather)

Imagine Dragons playing Leeds Festival 2023 (Gary Mather)

Imagine Dragons topped the Main Stage West.

Imagine Dragons were at Leeds Festival last weekend with the Mercury album series remaining their most recent release, Part II including the track Bones whose video was a part of Live4ever’s Best Of… retrospective last year.

“I’ve always loved that Thriller was both scary and playful,” Dan Reynolds said of it.

I didn’t know as a kid if I wanted to watch it again or not for fear of the ensuing nightmares, but I always came back for more with my eyes half-closed. The idea of punishing Wall Street with a zombie infection felt like an enjoyable time. And it was.

Touring, meanwhile, is due to continue in Tel Aviv tomorrow night.

Tour dates:

29 Park Hayarkon, Tel Aviv, Israel
31 Meskhi Stadium, Tbilisi, Georgia

2 Olympic Stadium, Baku, Azerbaijan
3 Superbloom Festival, Munich, Germany
6 Olympic Complex, Athens, Greece
8 Chatea, Chambord, France
10 Lollapalooza, Berlin, Germany

3-4 Sema Fest, Las Vegas, NV

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