Squid share final O Monolith single The Blades

Press photo of Squid by Michelle Helena Janssen

Squid by Michelle Helena Janssen

The new Squid album will be released on June 9th.

Squid have shared the final single from their forthcoming O Monolith LP.

The Blades shows off some vocal range from Ollie Judge, who describes the track as his favourite thing they’ve done to-date. “It’s a lot more vulnerable than stuff we’ve previously done, which can be quite a daunting thing,” he said.

“Dan (Carey) and I were talking about vocal delivery and how it would be good to not completely let myself go, and to not fall back on shouting because it’s more instantly gratifying. The end of the song is really soft and tender, and I don’t think we’ve done something like that before.”

On the surface it’s a song about police brutality with the last section kind of inspired by The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, although I’ve never read the book, I’ve just seen the Simpson’s spoof of it. Narratively it follows a police helicopter pilot’s day, ending with him in bed hearing another pilot circling the skies as if he were taunting him. There’s a deeper meaning in there somewhere, of my fear of ego, but I’m still working out which bit of the song that’s coming from.

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