Tracks Of The Week: Treeboy And Arc, Baxter Dury and more

Press photo of Treeboy And Arc by Nick Sayers

Treeboy & Arc by Nick Sayers


Treeboy & Arc will release their debut album Natural Habitat on July 7th.

The band worked with producer Matt Peel at his Nave studio and, when scouting locations for the album’s impressive new single Retirement, picked the smallest pub in Leeds they could find.

“We recorded the album in winter and at the time I was working at a cafe/restaurant,” guitarist Ben Morgan said.

Aylesbury Boy, a collaboration with JGrrey, has been released to mark the announcement of Baxter Dury‘s new album I Thought I Was Better Than You.

Danny Brown is another guest of the album which was produced by Paul White, while Dury has said of the single:

“This song is about coming from one place and arriving at another without fitting in to either, and I think of these people like characters from Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away.”

Angel Olsen has set her new EP Forever Means for digital and vinyl release on April 14th.

Nothing Free’s is the lead single, previewing tracks collected from the sessions which resulted in last year’s Big Time LP – one of Live4ever’s top albums of 2022.

“After a prolific few years, Big Time reflected profound personal change for Olsen,” our feature reads.

Hatchie is trailing the deluxe version of Giving The World Away with a brand new track entitled Rooftops, featuring Liam Benzv.

Taking up the story of its genesis, she’s said: “I wrote, recorded and mixed Giving The World Away with Joe Agius and Jorge Elbrecht in 2020, with Joe and I recording in Brisbane and Jorge mixing in Denver.”

“We wrapped everything up in December, with plans to release in April 2022. In the meantime, the three of us were finally all able to get back in a room together in 2021, with no specific plans for the outcome.”

Shortly before they fly out to Austin for this year’s South By Southwest Festival, Saloon Dion have confirmed the details of their debut EP.

Muckers is being previewed with the new single Happiness, of which the band said:

“This track is ultimately meant to remind people that it’s never too late to change things up and try new things. If your current path is making you unhappy, then sack it off and find a new one!”

Róisín Murphy is streaming a new single entitled CooCool, produced by DJ Koze.

“Ostensibly a fragile little flower yet it has great hidden strength at the roots,” Murphy said.

“There’s classic virtuosity and a lightness of touch, while DJ Koze’s hyper-modern production makes it bounce and glide.”

The Pigeon Detectives have returned with a new Rich Turvey-produced single entitled Lovers Come And Lovers Go.

It follows the last studio album from the band – 2016’s Broken Glances – and subsequent anniversary tours for debut LP Wait For Me and its successor Emergency.

“This song encapsulates the raw energy and catchiness The Pigeon Detectives have built our reputation on, whilst evolving our sound to reflect where we are as people at this stage in our lives,” they’ve said.

Problem Patterns have signed to Alcopop! Records in anticipation of the release of their debut album later this year.

A new single entitled Who Do We Not Save? has been unveiled by the Belfast band, who said:

“Our healthcare system has been falling apart for years due to cuts, and the pandemic only sped up the process. We constantly see campaigns telling people to ask for help, especially in regards to mental health, but the reality is that the services we need are under too much pressure.”

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