Tracks Of The Week: Prima Queen, cruush and more

Press photo of Prima Queen by Lydia Robinson

Prima Queen by Lydia Robinson


Prima Queen have set their debut EP Not The Baby for release on May 3rd.

After recording sessions with Aldous Harding, Katy J Pearson and Yard Act cohort Ali Chant, it’s being teased with first single Back Row.

“We’ve both experienced a lot of change in the past few years and since we write all our songs together we’re usually drawn to write about our parallel experiences,” the duo said.

cruush have set their debut EP Wishful Thinker for release on April 14th and are previewing it now with the new single Stick In The Mud.

“The soundtrack to the destructive grind of the hospitality machine,” Amber Warren said of it.

“The music is akin to tumbling down a flight of stairs and landing in a heap at the bottom, shaking yourself off before going straight down the next flight; reflecting exactly what I was putting myself and people I care about through at the time.”

Death Valley Girls have discussed the title-track for their new record Islands In The Sky.

“We wrote ‘Islands in the Sky ‘for our future selves, hoping that if we can share the secrets we have learned from this life, and all our past lives, we wouldn’t have to suffer or feel alone again in our next carnations,” the band said.

“You are not becoming the best version of yourself, you are and always have been, the highest and best you, eternally!”

Declan Welsh And The Decadent West have been undertaking recording sessions in Los Angeles and Glasgow during the past year and will release their new album 2 on September 22nd.

“The lyrics are about kidding yourself that you’re in control,” Welsh said of lead single King Of My Head.

“I’m the King of My Head, tell me who would rule instead? Cos see when your head’s working against you, you think to yourself sometimes – this is me.”

Let’s Eat Grandma’s Rosa Walton has shared a new solo single entitled Turning Up The Flowers – ‘a song about the world feeling very bright and alive’:

“And the people you love being grounding through this, but also uplifting them to be able to see it,” Rosa said.

“It draws parallels between nature, light and connection between people, with the idea that they are all so intertwined and at the core almost all the same thing.”

Do Nothing have returned with a new single and will also play a smattering of European live dates during the coming months.

Close to two years on from their Glueland EP, Happy Feet was recorded with producer Andy Savours and contains the lyric, ‘I put a leaflet in your bag for you to find later and burn’, which, according to Chris Bailey, is a play on the idea that, ‘when you make music, you put it out in the world because you want people to hear it’.

“It’s meant to be this pure expression of something, but there’s always that element of wanting people to like it.”

Public Body have announced the release of their debut album Big Mess on June 9th.

No Constraint is the latest single from the album which frontman Seb Gilmore has said lyrically is, ‘self deprecating which is a tad embarrassing because I should probably just sort my life out rather than write a 10-song album about it’.

“Anyway, the record was recorded using a 70’s Woolworths guitar amp and an old Yamaha drum machine. Tone is in the fingers dude.”

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