New Music Friday: The Go! Team – Get Up Sequences Part 2

Artwork for The Go! Team's 2023 album Get Up Sequences Part 2

It picks up from The Go! Team’s 2021 album ‘Get Up Sequences Part 1’.

New Music Friday has brought the release of The Go! Team’s Get Up Sequences Part 2 record – check it out right here on Live4ever.

Volume two is an international affair; taking in an all-girl group from West Africa, an Indian Bollywood singer, Kokubo Chisato from J-Pop band Lucie Too and Detroit rapper IndigoYaj to highlight just a few.

It’s summed up by Ian Parton as, ‘an international patchwork, a global fruit salad, a United Nations of Sound’:

“A feeling that there is so much good shit out there that you are grabbing it all at the same time. The record is saying: ‘Look at this. Look at this”. When you listen to it I just want the saturation of the world to be turned up’.”

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