M83 unveils details of new album Fantasy

2023 press photo of M83 by Ella Herme

M83 by Ella Herme

“Very proud to present the first track of my new album ‘Fantasy’,” M83 said.

The new M83 album Fantasy has been scheduled for release on March 17th.

The video for first cut Oceans Niagara has been crafted by Anthony Gonzalez’s brother and long-time collaborator Yann.

“Oceans Niagara is the perfect synthesis of M83’s music: a wall of sound and emotions that goes crescendo until it climaxes, with moments of pure melodic ecstasy that personally make me feel like I’m floating, loving and crying all at once, almost like being a teenager again,” the director responded.

“This is the first time I’m directing a music video for Anthony and this was a great chance for us to share our common references and emotions from our own childhood and teenage years with hints of our favorite French-Japanese animes, horror films and kid’s strange TV shows from the ‘80s and ‘90s.”

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