Future: Heartworms shares Retributions Of An Awful Life from A Comforting Notion EP

Press photo of Heartworms by Camille Alexander

Heartworms by Camille Alexander

Heartworms’ debut EP will be released by Speedy Wunderground.

Heartworms has shared her new single Retributions Of An Awful Life with the debut EP A Comforting Notion set for March 24th.

“The song itself lyrically is deeply unsettling, I wanted it to come alive in action,” she’s said.

“I had an idea of being kitted up in full militaria of no specific regiments, in black and white, putting my body through cold water and wet mud. This was stepping outside my comfort zone because I’m not a skilled swimmer; deep water frightens me immensely, especially when cold and in full military gear.”

“Not many artists/bands I know have done something this raw. I didn’t want to go for a fancy video with pretty dancers or lovely wallpaper plastered with an airbrush filter – I wanted to imbibe a new pain, bring to life punishment, fight fears while abiding relentlessness with my friends by my side.

“To have put my body through something I found frightening just for the art…there’s something exhilarating about it.”

Heartworms will be at SXSW in March, and will return to the UK for gigs in Brighton, London, Birmingham and Manchester later that month.

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