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Tough On Fridays


Caleigh (guitarist/lead vox); Carly (bassist/lead vox); Chris (drums).


We are based out of Georgetown TX, just north of Austin.


Paramore, Brand New, Third Eye Blind, Basement.


The band started with just Caleigh and went through many changes (7 drummers and 3 bass players in 6 years). Chris joined in 2019 when we did our first album, A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time.

After another bassist left for college, we were very lucky to get Carly leaving another project. She was the missing piece in the sound we were looking for.


Chris and Carly both have multiple established bands and projects. Caleigh just plays in the band and works as a photographer.


Our sound is a mix between alternative rock and grunge with some garage and pop punk elements. Everyone has an opinion of who we sound like. We’ve heard Placebo, First Aid Kit, even Heart. We think we’ve got our own sound that’s accessible and relatable, and one that people can connect to.


As a band we hope to expand from our home base and connect to people through our shows and with our recordings. We believe that working with our label, Archangel Records, we can impact people at a higher level than would be possible without them.

Did you know?

There’s been several but probably the most memorable is being stuck in a 2-hour traffic jam outside Nashville, Tennessee driving back from Wampus Cat Music Festival in North Carolina.

You really aren’t a band if you haven’t been stuck in the worst and longest traffic jam in history…we got so frustrated with one another!

What’s next?

A tour supporting our newest album The Encore You Didn’t Ask For coming out November 4th would be our biggest goal at the moment!

We hope, like every other band, to grow and take our sound anywhere we can. We believe we have a sound that’s both forward thinking yet nostalgic at the same time. Hang on!


‘Permacrisis’. The word to define 2022 as picked by Collins English Dictionary. ‘Harmony’ will hardly have run it close this year, but it’s a virtue which runs through The Encore You Didn’t Ask For, the album from Tough On Fridays released today.

It boasts an impressive cohesion via the various 70’s/80’s Americana rock influences on display, but the duo’s best comes in the moments of harmony between Caleigh and Carly’s vocals, particularly on Growing Pains when it takes the country duet sound showcased right now by groups like First Aid Kit but resolves with a no-nonsense backbeat which could only be from Texas.

Tough On Fridays are living by their own definition.


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