Johnny Marr teams up with Andy Rourke on Blitz Vega single Strong Forever

A press photo of Blitz Vega

The new Blitz Vega track was co-produced and mixed by Z-Trip.

Johnny Marr has teamed up with The Smiths‘ Andy Rourke and Kav Blaggers on the new Blitz Vega single Strong Forever.

“We approached a few people to guest on the track and I asked Johnny, who very kindly recorded some guitars and sent them over,” Rourke said.

“Johnny and I have remained friends, we’ve known each other since we were 13 years old. He’s my oldest and dearest friend and I feel our friendship gets stronger as time passes.”

It’s the second time old friends Marr and Rourke have reunited recently after the pair were both onstage with The Killers at Madison Square Garden back in September for performances of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and How Soon Is Now.

“Everyone is dealing with their own challenges, especially now,” Blagger added. “People have to look out for each other a lot more at the moment.”

“We all seem to be fighting to survive, but it’s not too late. There are lots of good people on this planet who want to do something positive, big or small, it’s just hard to notice them sometimes with all the noise. But now’s the time to make some kind of difference if you can.”

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