Crawlers post Hang Me Like Jesus from debut mixtape


Crawlers release ‘Loud Without Noise’ on November 4th.

Crawlers have posted another track from their debut mixtape Loud Without Noise.

“It was originally written about feeling like a burden to my partner when I was ill,” singer Holly Minto said of Hang Me Like Jesus.

“After the relationship, I realised that I wasn’t being a burden, I was just trying to recover”. Ultimately the process was a healing one.”

“Hang Me Like Jesus is obviously a metaphor, how Jesus felt like he was sacrificing himself for the sake of others. Which is what I felt like I did for this relationship. Not comparing myself to Jesus at all, but I really gave my whole self and expected nothing back because I thought I was in love. Hurts man. But hey, fell in love again, didn’t I?”

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