Sports Team release new single The Drop

Sports Team by Lauren Maccabee

Sports Team by Lauren Maccabee

“It’s questioning a constant striving for achievement, never really enjoying the moments,” Sports Team say.

Sports Team have released The Drop from their second album Gulp! which is now due on September 23rd.

The video was directed by A.T. Mann, who embraced that theme of living in the present: “When I stepped through the sonic journey of The Drop I dreamed of a poet caught in his own urban web of city lights, stuck there as the mind is being lost, knowing there is only one way out – letting it all go.”

“Letting all the nonsense boundaries drop, taking the one leap into the unknown like the soul of the acrobat about to fly – or fall – stepping along the highwire of the one important quest – Creation. This reminded me of a beatnik poem by Laurence Ferenghetti called ‘Constantly Risking Absurdity’.”

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